Residential Sandblasting

We specialize in offering top-quality residential sandblasting, surface cleaning & restoration services, catering to a wide array of household projects including but not limited to paint stripping, smoke damage, mildew and mold removal, and surface preparation for various applications.

Our licensed mobile dustless sandblasting team is dedicated to delivering exceptional results while ensuring minimal disruption to your daily life.

Adjustable Flowing
Adjustable Flowing

With our adjustable pressure and abrasive flow, we have complete control over the strength of your blasting, resulting in no harm to the substrate.

Removal of any coating

Graffiti, line stripes, calcium or oil stains, mildew and even 100 years of grime can be removed.

Removal of any coating
Clean and Compliant
Clean and Compliant

We use material such as recycled glass and water as the blast media. We maintain the highest standards and comply with all governmental regulations.

Concrete Blasting without Damage

Dry sandblasting concrete or brick can cause damage and cracking to the surface. CDB uses wet dustless blasting to safely clean paint from concrete, porches, brick, or stone without damaging the building material.

Concrete Blasting without Damage
Home Improvement

With our mobile service, we are able to bring our equipment to your location in order to resurface projects like sidewalks, stairways, outer surfaces of your home, interior and exterior of log cabins, and other work on a variety of surfaces including concrete, stucco, brick, and wood.


Dustless blasting can be used on a variety of swimming pool surfaces, including concrete, plaster, and fiberglass.

Dustless blasting is a preferred method for preparing swimming pools for refinishing or repainting because it does not produce dust or heat that could damage the pool's surface. The use of water also helps to cool the surface being blasted, preventing any warping or damage that could occur with other blasting methods.

Wood Restoration

Wood surfaces can be found in a variety of applications such as furniture, decks, fences, and other structures. Dustless blasting can be used to clean and prepare wood surfaces for various applications such as refinishing or restoration. It is also effective in removing mildew and other surface blemishes.

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At California Dustless Blasting, we take pride in delivering excellent service on-time and within your budget. Our team specializes in restoring various surfaces, including stone, steel, cement, wood, brick, granite, and concrete.

With a proven track record of proficiency, experience, and full licensing and insurance, you can trust your next project with us.

Give us a call today to receive a free quote and let us bring new life to your surfaces!